Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Perfectly Polished

If you've ever been in my room, you'll notice that I am obsessed with the colour pink, nail polish, and accessories. I decided to do a post on four nail polish colours I have been eyeing up lately. Sure, I probably have these in a different brand, but not every colour is the same! Usually when I buy nail polish, I go towards the same things. It's either something bright that stands out, or a neutral that works with anything. I strongly feel that nail polish can be an accessory. Sometimes it's just the right amount of pop you need to an outfit!

1. Jade is the New Black by OPI. This reminds me of what the colour emerald's sister would look like. Weird comparison, I know, but it's so similar! They're practically twins. When I think of jade, I don't think of something this dark, but I love this colour nonetheless!

2. Done out in Deco by OPI. If you are searching for the perfect matte lilac polish, this is the colour for you! I have a polish by Sally Hansen (mentioned in another post - Lively Lilac) and it is a couple shades darker, and another one that is almost light as this one. However, it doesn't have the same blue undertones that makes this one perfect!

3. Jade by Chanel. LOTS of celebrities have been wearing this lately. It's a subtle punch of colour to an all black outfit or the minimalistic neutral trend.

4. Vanity by Chanel. A hot pink polish is perfect for those hot days in the summer when your tan is looking its best. However, it's also fitting for those dreary days when all you want to do is curl up with a book and a cappuccino. It gives a bright burst of cheery colour in an irresistible hue.

What is the most you have ever spent on ONE bottle of nail polish? I am debating whether I want to go out and buy a Chanel polish. I have heard tremendous things about the quality, and I love their colours! They change from season to season just like their clothes.

Are Chanel polishes worth the $20.00 + price tag? What do you think?

Holly xoxo

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