Sunday, January 16, 2011


1. This is what my future shoe closet will look like. Similar to the one in Sex in the City (in that it holds a lot of fabulous shoes), minus the double doors - as far as I can tell. 2. Several of my loves come together in one lovely shoe. Boots + studs + coloured leather + platform = these beauties! 3. YSL platform pumps. I need these. Enough said. 4. I'm not exactly sure who makes these shoes, but judging by the luscious red soles, they are by Christian Louboutin. I love how the delicate features of the shoe could make any outfit feminine. I picture this with a whimsical dress, or dark skinny jeans and a tough jacket - the shoes are enough to make it more girly. 5. These are the ultimate party shoes! Platform, sky high heels, and lots of glitter! I saw a similar pair at Winners actually, but I'm hoping they will go on sale, so I can get my hands on those sparkly shoes at a more affordable price! 6. Chiffon bows, peep toes, and a gorgeous blush colour. These heels are so sweet, they're almost too pretty to wear!

What are your favourite shoes to wear and why?

Photos from weheartit


  1. I LOVE the shoes in picture 2! So gorgeous

  2. yes! i think they would look good with some black opaque tights and a high waisted skirt. drool.

  3. I loved the shoes! hard to choose just one favorite ... hmm ... That I think the 5th picture!

  4. oh, i'll be back for sure!
    keep up your awesome blogging!
    and come visit COSMICaroline and stay tuned for a new photographer and an upcoming giveaway!


  5. ^ Like she said ;)