Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tree Huggin'

1. I spent the whole day in this giant oversized night-gown-like thing from Walmart a couple years ago. I usually just wear it to bed, and although I didn't lay in bed all day yesterday, I definitely didn't stray too far from this lovely oversized... Shirt thing. Whatever, it was comfy!

2. Same shirt, slightly different pose!

3. I bought this cardigan the other day while I was on a break at work. It's a legit grandpa sweater (found on the men's rack), and it was a whopping $2.00!

4. Another view of the sweater. The lady at the front counter was so cute when I was buying it. "This is going to be a little big for you, sweetie!" she says. That's okay. It's cozier that way!

My day today will consist of several things. Hanging out with Jenna, hanging out with Lily when she gets here (she hopped on the ferry from Vancouver this morning), have some lunch, go to my hair appointment at 6:30 tonight, and go to my friend Erin's party! Things are more busy in the evening for sure, but we will keep ourselves occupied this afternoon!

Talk to you all soon & I'll post REAL outfit pictures soon!

Holly xoxo

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