Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Wishful Wednesday

1. Pinstripe Blazer, $39.99 from Zara 2. Knee high socks, $5.99 from Zara, 3. Long sleeve leopard tunic, $15.99 from Zara, 4. Leather shoulder sheath dress, $29.99 from Zara 5. Grey cotton trousers, $19.99 from Zara 6. Leather chain purse, $39.99

I decided that I would feature the store Zara in my Wishful Wednesday post! I have browsed this store a few times before when I had been visiting Vancouver, but I am dying to take a trip over there and actually purchase something! There are so many beautiful items there, and they all would fit in my wardrobe with ease. Every time I see something, I can almost always justify why I need it. There's a reason to this madness!

Hope you are all having a wonderful evening! Unfortunately my hair appointment was moved to tomorrow night, as the roads around the salon hadn't been cleared yet, and it would be tricky trying to get there! Oh well. Tomorrow night is also a going away party for my good friend Jenna. She is off to New Zealand on a big and exciting adventure, and our friend Erin is having a bon voyage celebration for her! I'll arrive fashionably late with a sleek new hair cut and an outfit I have yet to plan.

Good night all!

Holly xoxo

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