Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ultimate Girly Girl

Ultimate girly girl
Ultimate girly girl by HLDFashion

Since I have been stuck in bed all day eating Premium Plus crackers and browsing the internet, I thought I would make a new set on Polyvore. Perhaps I did this girly evening look because I have been lounging around, or perhaps it was to give you all something more than a poor-Holly-is-sick post to read today. You guys deserve something more fun and exciting! Plus, styling outfits as I lay here with my laptop has had a surprisingly uplifting effect on my mood. However, I may be imagining this considering how tired I am (blame it on the chamomile tea), or because I can sleep in tomorrow without the worry of being well enough to haul my lazy/sick/tired ass off to work. Nevertheless, my fingers are crossed for a quick recovery, and I will see you all tomorrow!

What do you rely on to boost the recovery process when you're feeling icky sicky!?

Holly xoxo


  1. sleep, lemon tea, dry toast, and long hot baths! :)
    feel better!!

  2. I am defientely not a major girly girl but I am in love with those lace shorts!

    And a hot bath, green tea, fresh ginger, and a long nap always sets me straight. Well and maybe some online shopping too. That always gives me a boost!

    -- Rachael of latentblatant