Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Birthday, Part 1

Birthday pictures that I have taken during the first few bits of my birthday week...

Birthday girl deserves to wear a giant birthday bow!, my first purchase of alcohol (Yellow Tail sparkling wine) & a gift from my aunt (Baja Rosa), White peach bellinis from Earls (seriously, these are delicious. I couldn't decide if I wanted a BRO-llini (double the size) or to try a new drink), I couldn't stop taking pictures of this delicious drink, Brandon had AlbinoRhino pale ale (disgusting, but I'm not a beer kinda chick), the best calamari I think I've ever devoured in my life (I shared, don't worry), chicken quesidilla with a spinach & feta side salad with candied pecans and shredded apple (HOLY YUM & holy SPICY for the quesidillas!), raspberry mojito with real raspberries inside (tricky to drink with a straw, so I asked the server for a spoon... Yeah...), Chocolate cake with cream cheese icing & strawberries.

We were officially stuffed at the end of the night! I'm still trying to think of what I want to do tonight. Dinner somewhere, maybe? Drinks somewhere? What do YOU guys suggest?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Hope you're enjoying Holly week. I mean, enjoying YOUR week ;)

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