Tuesday, February 1, 2011


1. I started off wearing this outfit this morning, but I wasn't quite happy with how it looked. The camisole I had underneath was too baggy, so it was bunching up under the fitted top. I'm not sure where the cami is from (well besides my sister's closet), but the light blue sweater is from the thrift store! It was $2.00 and it's from Mexx. I also discovered that my sister wore my Pashu skinny jeans to school today, so I'm wearing her American Eagle skinny jeans. However, she is shorter than me, so I had to cuff the bottom of them, so I didn't look like a complete idiot! I like the look of cuffed jeans anyway, and I can't exactly get mad at her today - it's her birthday!

2. This shirt also belonged to my sister at one point. The good thing about your "little sister" growing up is that you can share clothes! I liked the fit of this shirt way better than the other tops I had worn in the previous outfit. It is by Ripe, and I'm pretty sure she got it at Winners. Also, excuse the uh, laundry on the floor. Yeah, I have blue striped underwear. Don't you?

3. The giant ring I wore today! It kept slipping off my finger today (thanks to me applying copious amounts of lotion throughout the day), so it is no longer on my finger. I found it at Suzy Shier during one of their 2 for $10.00 accessory sales.

4. The complete outfit! I posted this sweater by Urban Behaviour a while ago, but you could barely see the purple and black stripes on it. I'm also wearing a pair of leopard print flats with pink and button details on them (sorry for no picture of that!). They are from Walmart. Savvy shopping!

5. A sneak peek at the two grandpa sweaters I bought from the thrift store during my break at work today. They were $1.25 each, and will go nicely with that blue and white one you guys have probably seen so much on here! Two more grandpa's to join the other. Three's a crowd though, so I better find more!

How lame is it that I actually enjoy buying old wool cardigans? I guess it's not that strange, since I have seen so many people wear them! They look cute belted, over light dresses, with skinny jeans, with distressed shorts, with pin straight trousers, with skirts... You guys better find yourselves a grandpa cardigan too so you won't be missing out on the many wonders!

I hope you all have a good night! Today is my sister's 15th birthday! She got to pick tonight's dinner (chicken cordon bleu, which I probably spelled wrong, Caesar salad, broccoli rice, veggies & garlic toast... Yeah, it's a birthday feast!) and dessert (Coldstone Creamery's birthday surprise ice cream (or something like that) and mini cupcakes). I made an effort to pack a healthy lunch for the indulgences tonight!

Look forward to a post later tonight/tomorrow about the birthday festivities!

Holly xo


  1. cute photos!!

    stop by sometime<3

  2. haha i know how you feel about picking outfits..it's hard sometimes, but i loooove the grey drapey top!


  3. you spelt it right :)

  4. thank you ladies! <3 picking outfits can be super fun, but i definitely agree with it being hard too!

    ps. thanks lily ;)