Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lounge & Lunch

1. I was originally going to wear these boots today, but I decided that I would go for a more practical option (below).

2. Grey ankle boots by American Eagle for Payless. I also wore a pair of black tights from Bootlegger, a RazzleDazzle brand grey/green striped tunic, and a grey studded jacket I found while shopping with my best friend Lauren!

3. Ring of the day! This actually belongs to my sister, buuuut... it found its way into my room! Funny how that happens ;)

4. Channeling my inner Miley Cyrus with the peace signs!

5. Brandon and I drove into Duncan this afternoon so he could check out some rims and tires for his car. Fun fact: Canadian Tire has a waiting room/lounge for when your car is in the shop! I made myself cozy on a comfy leather chair and surprise! There was a TV up there playing the W network - Take This House & Sell It, to be exact. I watched an episode of that and a little bit of another show before it was time to go. Off to lunch!

6. If you are ever in Duncan, I highly suggest that you check out Just Jakes. It is a funky little restaurant that has everything from soups and salads to wraps and burgers and all kinds of appetizers! I enjoyed a veggie wrap with butternut squash soup - the soup was absolutely to die for! Next time I just may have to get a big bowl of that. It was creamy and had a smooth texture, and a bit of spice in there too. And, the price was right! For the two of us, it was under twenty dollars (and we both got big wraps and hearty sides)!

Finally this blog post is done! I have been battling with Blogger/my lap top/the internet connection for two hours, and I have finally won! YES! All that frustration for nothing.

Have a good night everyone!

Holly xo