Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Picture Mishmash

1. The boyfriend & I before I went to work yesterday. Wow, do I look ridiculously pale or what?

2. I scored these runners yesterday at Sportchek. They were originally on sale for one hundred bucks, but I got them for sixty! I was originally looking at a pair by New Balance that had pink on them - yes, I wanted them solely because of the pink, but these ones fit so much better and felt so much more supportive. I think it's a little more important while running than having stripes of pink on your shoes. Practicality over aesthetic, for the win!

3. New nail polish from Sally Hansen. Yes, I don't need any, but it's preeeetty!

4. New issue of LouLou! I love this magazine because there are so many contests and fantastic style inspiration amongst all the pages. It's like heaven in one magazine (besides countless others that I love).

5. Cookie bites! I flattened the second batch with a fork so they look more like cookies. Clearly the taste beats the appearance of these babies. They're almost gone!


  1. is it bad that i've never heard of loulou? i am for sure going to check it out now!

  2. I LOVE LouLou! And Lucky :)


  3. Lou Lou is awesome (and agreed with delia, so is Lucky!) Cute photos :)