Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring Stripes

I realized the other day that the majority of my lounging clothes are pink. Pink sweatpants, pink zip up sweaters, pink striped shirts/pink shirts, as well as a fuzzy pink house coat. What is it about the colour pink? For me, I suppose it's because it's so bright and cheery. Plus, today marks the first day of spring, and I am typing this wearing my pink pajama pants (I know they are kinda bunched up in that last picture. I swear I'm a girl). Oh, and I celebrated by buying a pink shirt yesterday. I don't know when to say no!

Today is my day off - so far, I have spent the morning laying in bed, drinking earl gray tea with almond milk, aaaand... Sitting on my tookus. It's rainy and yucky outside, so who knows if anything will happen. Why is it that days off always fall on days where it's gloomy, and work days are always sunny days? They've got it all backwards!

I hope you all enjoy your Monday, work or no work. Make the best of it! :)

Wearing: Garage sweat pants, Alfred Sung by Zellers long sleeve shirt

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