Tuesday, April 26, 2011


1. A pancake breakfast following the morning Easter egg hunt! By this point I had eaten most of my chocolates, and I was glad to move onto something with a bit more substance. I topped my pancakes with banana and syrup - mmm!

2. Some Spring flowers with a hint of Easter!

3. Pretty scalloped detail on an H&M shirt my mom purchased for me while her & my sister were away.

4. Print details on the skirt she bought me as well! From Forever 21

5. Curled up on the couch with plaids and polka dots. Okay, life can't be fashionable all the time!

However, life sure can be fantastic. How I spent my Tuesday (so far. We haven't hit dinner time yet): running/working out in the morning, cleaning & organizing my room (which included junking out my magazine collection from FOUR years ago as well as clothing I don't wear anymore), eating a yummy salad for lunch, & laying in bed watching Sex & the City. See, as much as I love having Brandon around, sometimes it's nice to have the big screen TV (complete with surround sound) all to myself. Ha :)

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