Thursday, April 28, 2011

Lazy Days

Thursday, Thursday - nearly the end of the week, but not quite. There are still two days I need to power through until it's MY end of the week. However, I was lucky enough to have this lovely Thursday off. I made myself a to-do list to complete, and I can confidently say I only have one more thing to check off. The pictures above show what my day has been (and I'll tell you other parts that went unpictured).

I started off my day with an Irish Creme latte at my mom's work. I nestled in at the back of the cafe, found a newspaper and began reading. Have you ever taken the time to actually read the newspaper? It's amazing, yet sad, what happens in this world. In addition, I also got to taste test some gummy bears and a few jelly beans. That was great fuel for a quick 4K run!

After running a couple errands (such as grabbing the BF and I an iced coffee from McDonalds - don't knock it till you try it, $1.00 any size, all summer -  pumping up my tires, where I accidentally slammed the ends of a few strands of hair in the door - it wasn't ridiculously painful, but still a little ouchy!, dropping clothing off at the thrift store, things like that), I made my younger cousin Owen a birthday card, conjured up a giant salad (unpictured), and curled up in bed to blog, paint my fingers & toes, burn cd's & take a break for some cantaloupe and banana. Delicious, and I am sufficiently full from all the nutrients today! That book there is the last thing I have to check off my to-do list. I plan on puttering away at it some more!

Not too exciting, but not too shabby either. It's sunny and pretty clear outside, so that makes it all better too.

How's your Thursday been?

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