Friday, April 29, 2011

Inspire Me

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As I was watching 500 Days of Summer last night, I found myself wandering off to my laptop in search of some inspiring pictures. I plan on having a brunch soon (fingers crossed for sunshine filled weather like today), and I immediately fell in love with these cupcakes - how cute and fun are they? I also loved the blue Chanel polish surrounded by all those lipsticks. Who wouldn't want their vanity to be filled with Chanel? I know I wouldn't complain.

Last year my boyfriend went away to work on the oil rigs. While he was gone, he wrote me a poem. As I perused through the pictures, I came across this William Shakespeare quote. Now, I'm not going to type out the whole poem he wrote me, but I did include that quote. I melted on the spot (in the comfort of my bed, surrounded by blankets, pillows & books), and immediately began to wonder where the poem had gone. When Brandon got home, I mentioned the William Shakespeare quote, the poem, and he ended up finding it. That was a highlight of my day last night!

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