Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stripe City

Hiya, folks! How's your Tuesday been? It's almost Hump Day (you know, because Wednesday is the hump in the week we have to overcome, DUH). This morning I picked out a great outfit - I had a cute floral shirt, a cream coloured cardigan I borrowed (or rather took without asking...) from my sister, some cuffed skinny jeans & embellished flats. HOWEVER (this is the big part) - as soon as I put on the outfit, I couldn't find a flattering angle without having to hold pieces of my clothing. You know your outfit isn't right when you have to do that, or when you look at yourself IN the clothes and think, wow, I look like a whale. It just was NOT my day!

So, that's where this outfit was born. Not the outfit I had dreamed up before, but I felt cute in it & it works.
Outfit: Pure by Alfred Sung shirt, H&M scarf, Pashu skinny jeans & I wore embellished flats by Spring Shoes (not pictured).

And the pictures above: I picked up some essentials last night (as well as some kale, but that went unnoticed and into ma bellay), as well as some not-so essentials (eg, the nail polish, but it's on my toes now so it must've been a good investment)! I found some nail polish remover in my room the other day, and I'm almost positive it's a cheap dollar store brand. It barely dissolves the polish and makes it all gooey and gummy and any kind of cotton ball/pad, even tissue paper, crumbles apart - ergo why I bought some good ol' Wallyworld polish remover. Oh, and the toothbrush and pit stick is so I don't stink/stay so fresh, so clean ;) I mean, you can't be fashionable and smell like a dumpster.

Have a fabulous evening everyone! B & I are off to dinner tonight. Where? We're not too sure. Stay tuned!

PS. The dinner up there is a whole wheat flax seed bun with homemade Manhattan clam chowder & sauteed kale. Omg, so good. I made extra kale & threw it in my lunch time salad today!

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