Monday, June 13, 2011

Floral Fun

The best thing about florals is you can wear them with anything.

What am I working with? A Costa Blanca floral t-shirt

1. Floral T-shirt paired with high waist denim shorts (thrifted)
2. Floral T-shirt with Urban Behavior purple & black striped cardigan & jeggings (I'm bad with wearing these as pants, but at least in real life my shirt is longer).

I am excited to wear the denim shorts with some cute tank tops and floaty blouses this summer. They are a fun way to stay cool, on trend & cute - all at the same time! I will definitely be wearing them with this floral shirt too. The best thing about a floral print is that you can sneak it into your outfit no matter the season - in muted colours for fall/winter & brighten them up in the spring/summer!

How do YOU wear your florals?

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