Thursday, June 23, 2011

For the Love of Candy

Let's start with the best moment of this day. I bought $1.50 worth of candy, and Brandon bought a premade candy bag. "You should check inside to see if you won a free candy bag," he said. I eagerly dug into the bottom of the sweet-treat filled paper bag, and voila! I WAS A WINNER! You better believe I screamed so loud on the side of that street - people were probably wondering what was happened. So, Brandon & I ran back to the candy store, and I got my free candy bag. Awesome, right?

Ugh, Holly has her camera. I don't want to take a picture. Look below to see how I feel about that.

Spot the five differences. Just kidding. I don't see five differences myself (not that I even looked).

Holly + candy = happiness.

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