Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Jumble of Things

New running shoes I am utterly obsessed with.

Photoshoot before the Twilight Shuffle 5K. Notice the colour coordination here - it was done on purpose!

Look at ma shoooooes! And not my curved & strange finger.

Mom insisted, I swear!

Girl's Night!

Prince William is on my head. Take that, Kate!

Lauren and I!

Part of my dad's Father's Day present - it was filled with his favourite candies!

This accurately represents my dad. Thug & doin' his G-thang, every day.

Yes, I'm super, and my mom is a google eyed creature & Sarah is brilliant.

These are the last of the pictures I have been meaning to upload for over a week now! I have some more posts I have to do up, so look forward to some shopping items & outfits coming up!


  1. All these pictures are so cute and fun! Your shoes are so cool :)