Monday, June 20, 2011

Victoria Fun

Unleashing my inner tourist & snapping pictures downtown Victoria.


Last Friday Brandon & I went to Victoria. Our plans were to find a sweet pair of running shoes for me (or rather, that was my own personal plan & boy are they ever awesome!), have some lunch & browse around the stores. This is how things actually panned out: we got lost on the way to the running store (my internal GPS system was a little off), I spent too much money & ate until I had a small food baby harboring in my belly, and I spent too much money. Brandon is clearly the practical one here - although he did eat until he was stuffed too, so I wasn't alone there! On the way home we stopped at Old Navy (I should probably take pictures of the things I purchased), and thanks to my internal GPS AGAIN - we ended up on a half hour detour & then were fortunate enough to sit in traffic for another half hour. Yahoo! Oh the adventures...

What is new & exciting with YOU!?

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