Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Updates to Inspire

Well, here's another mish-mash of pictures for you. I know in my last post I said I would post tomorrow (meaning Friday, September 9th), but I'm sure you have already gathered that I failed to do so. Why you ask? Friday was the day I moved into a basement suite at my relative's house. Unfortunately, things aren't working out there as well as my family & I hoped. However, I spent some time searching online for apartments, and my mom came over on Tuesday to view one with me. Sadly that one was a no-go: paint splashed across the cupboards was considered a "fresh coat of paint," the carpet was dirty, and a million other things made us stray away. Finally, as we ventured up Oak St., we noticed a block that consisted mainly of apartment complexes. The rest is history - I found my new soon enough and already made the damage deposit. Things may be a little hectic between now and October 1st (ETA at the new apartment) because of school and what not, but now that I have a stable internet connection thanks to my school (VCC), I will be able to visit you all again!

PHEWF. Glad I got that all aired out to you. Now, for the real post.

The above pictures are currently inspiring me as I make the transition between unfinished basement to apartment, and out of highschool to college student. Don't get me wrong, both of these avenues are ridiculously exciting. However, it doesn't hurt to find inspiration through pictures to get you through, right (are we still following, by the way)?

1. I love the mainly white colour scheme of this bedroom. If I was able to afford an apartment with a room like this (the French doors with an ocean view of the balcony somehow hint that it MAY be expensive...), I would WANT it to look EXACTLY like this. How inviting and comfortable, most of all, does this look!?

2. Everything about this room appeals to me here. I love the mix of green and turquoise - a colour combination that would look great in an outfit as well (eg, rich green suede heels and an oversized turquoise clutch). For my future room that I will SOON be decorating (EXCITEMENT!), I want to find some accent pieces in these colours. I already have a picture for the wall that is turquoise, so I'm almost there!

3. Again, some beautiful turquoise shoes and a gorgeous ring. I saw a lot of this colour for summer, and if you already have pieces in this hue, you'll easily be able to transition them into your fall wardrobe for a fun pop of colour!

4. Coral. I. Love. Coral. I can't get enough of it. My first day of school outfit (for Retail Buying) consisted of a fun beige pleated dress from H&M (a slightly heavier fabric and half sleeves makes it perfect for fall) and some coral lace-up sneakers. Thank you to Liz at school who complimented them!

5. Sequins, red, magenta, Loubitins! In a perfect world, these would be appropriate shoes for every. single. day. Actually, scratch that. Who says they can't be!? I am fairly certain I spotted these at Holt Renfrew the other day. Unfortunately, my student budget doesn't allow me to have these in my hot little hands! One day!

6. Nothing says fall quite like knits. As I was perusing some New York Fashion Week photos, I noticed that a lot of designers are into strategic cut outs. Well, same is true for this sweater. I could picture myself wearing this with a pair of dark skinny jeans and some motorcycle boots for an edgy touch, or a pair of riding boots with some buckle details. Lovely!

Hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday! xoxo


  1. I like so much these shoes.

  2. love every single one of these photos!!