Thursday, October 27, 2011


A: Adventures
B: Boyfriend
C: Clothing
All of the above are a few of my favourite things!

1. Recent outfit to a management midterm this past week. It's amazing how many people you see wearing sweatpants just because there's an exam happening. Yes, post-secondary school is hard, but make it FUN with a cute, functional outfit! Wearing: Zara asymmetrical shirt (longer in the back with a neck/bottom zipper), American Eagle jeans, gifted scarf & Payless motorcycle boots.

2. Ring from H&M (they had a super cute snake bracelet there too. Nail colour is Naked by China Glaze (more pink in real life).

3. Another quick outfit snap. I apologize for the poor camera quality - I am desperately wanting to purchase a new one soon! Dark jeans by American Eagle, leopard flats from a boutique in Duncan, gifted scarf, Old Navy anorak.

4. An adventure through Delta, Richmond & Burnaby took Brandon and I over the Alex Fraser bridge. I let Brandon have the camera reigns on this one!

5. A little bit of hilarious background noise the night before my retail buying midterm. It was definitely a nice distraction from all the formulas!

6. Post-It notes on my notebook were a constant reminder of things I needed to know for my midterm! Thankfully they worked!

7. My handsome study buddy catching a glimpse at Bridesmaids on TV. Brandon made quizzes for me with content to study, and I had to fill in the blanks. He made it fun & a lot of the "tricks" he came up with helped me during the actual exam! Thank you!

I hope you are all having a wonderful week! My homework assignments are done, midterms are finished, laundry is caught up, and Sex & the City is to be watched (for about the billionth time)! I'm currently on the last disc of season 4. Good night!

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