Sunday, October 23, 2011


 Well, I am finally settled in my apartment. School is half way through, midterms are almost finished (retail buying on Monday & then they are all done), internship has begun, and soon a seasonal job opportunity at Holt Renfrew will begin! It has been a whirlwind of excitement for me lately, starting with my internship. I came across the opportunity from teachers at school, and soon I found myself in one of the meeting rooms on the 4th floor of Holt Renfrew's flagship store in Vancouver at the orientation. Next, I met for one on one interviews with women's wear and marketing, and the next day I got the call to become part of the marketing and events team! It has been amazing, to say the least, and the fact that I am able to network and meet others through this is going to be an incredible journey. Isn't it crazy what life throws at you sometimes?

I decided to post some pictures of what has been happening lately. From buying my first pair of Hunter boots and the view from Thursday yoga classes at school, to going back to the island & celebrating a friends birthday (and all the fun stuff in between). Last week Brandon came over to visit and move furniture over, so we went to IHOP - fun fact: it stands for International House of Pancakes. Were we late the to the party & the last to know of this?! I was amazed! I enjoyed some delicious whole wheat with walnut pancakes topped with blueberries and whipped cream. I was barely in three bites before I was full! Brandon said, "I will do anything for you if you finish those!" However, I just couldn't do it. I ate the top pancake with all the good stuff on it, then slowly picked the walnuts out of the rest. I'm sure the server appreciated the mess after I was finished - you're welcome!

I am thinking about doing a video post soon, so stay tuned for that! Hope life is beautiful for you all!

What is making you happy today?

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