Thursday, November 10, 2011

Celebrity Style Icon: Sarah Jessica Parker

In my eyes, Sarah Jessica Parker is a woman who has impeccable style. From her character on Sex & the City's colourful (and somewhat crazy) wardrobe to the chic lines and flare of her own personal style, Sarah Jessica Parker (and Carrie Bradshaw) are two very different, yet similar style icons women will be looking up to for decades to come. There is not a woman out there who wouldn't want to be in the world of SJP!

I remember watching the movie Seamless in my fashion merchandising class, and Sarah Jessica Parker was getting fitted for a suit by the former cloak designer Alexandre Plokhov. Although he specialized specifically in men's tailoring, the suit he made for Sarah Jessica Parker was beautiful. It fit in all the right places, was narrow enough in the shoulders and suited her frame well. If you have the chance to watch Seamless, please do!

Note: I tried to find a YouTube video of the suit fitting with Alexandre Plokhov, but YouTube has not caught onto his amazing talent yet, apparently. You can, however, view his latest collection here on

In the mean time, here is a Vogue video of Sarah Jessica Parker's Vogue photo shoot from May 2010.

Thank you to Marie Claire UK for the above photos of SJP, YouTube & Vogue for the SJP video, & Alexandre Plokhov's personal website for information & his latest collection.

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