Saturday, November 12, 2011

Life Lately


Just a few thoughts (kind of?) in the form of photos for you! Such as, how do I get the perfect ballerina bun? Perhaps less layers in my hair would help be achieve this. Or, how do I get such a gorgeous brick-walled apartment when I'm not even 20? Also, check out how beautiful the leaves are this time of year. I snapped this on my way into Oakridge Centre the other day when I was doing some shopping/picking up groceries (this time the groceries prevailed (mostly) & I only bought nail polish...hehe). Along with fall, however, comes the rain. Sometimes you can't help but love the rain, though! And finally my favourite show, one of my favourite designers & my ultimate favourite television character - Sex & the City, Chanel & Carrie Bradshaw. It's amazing how influential a television show can be, but really, it IS fabulous!

Just a few jumbled thoughts lately. I spent the weekend on the island with my family, and it was so great to see everyone again. It's wonderful how you can go back home for a little "vacation," and still have a home-like place to go back to. Plus, I have tons of stuff to take back with me - groceries, cook books, cool mugs, etc. It has been a fun learning experience living on my own, that's for sure. I suppose it's all about adapting and changing and transforming and it's all quite great. It's life!

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