Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Black & Blue

 Black is the perfect shade in that it's simple, elegant, and sleek. You can match anything with black which makes it the great base colour for an outfit, especially with bright hues and neutral tones. It is easy to reach for black when the "what do I wear today?" dilemma arises (I have been there many times!), and you can feel free to pile on the accessories (a la Leighton Meester).

Blue is similar to black in the sense that you can add a ton of accessories to jazz things up or wear it in a funky texture, such as fur or snakeskin. Although winter is coming to an end, a rich blue hue is one of my favourite colours of the colder months. And, it looks as if blue will be making a comeback... Case in point: Coco Rocha in Zac Posen (what an amazing final look!) for Fall 2012.

Finally, black and blue come together in perfect matrimony to create an equally perfect outfit. I mean, you really can't go wrong with this combination! Whether you splash blue (or black) on your nails or use it as a bold statement colour of your outfit, the two colours work well together and look elegant and polished. It will be fun to mix in some brighter shades of blue once spring is upon us!

Photos from Tumblr (oh-so-coco, what-do-i-wear, mermaid-burns).
Polyvore collage created by HLDFashion

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