Thursday, February 23, 2012

Carrie On

I am a huge Sex & the City fan as you probably know. I own the book, both movies, and every single episode from each season. I thought it would be fun to do some Polyvore collages inspired by the characters. First, I'm starting with Carrie. Her style throughout the seasons has changed so much. If you watch SATC, you'll notice how funky/eclectic and WEIRD some of her outfits were during the first few seasons. As a viewer, it's cool to see the style of each character evolve. Does anyone remember when Carrie would always wear backless shirts with ridiculously bright bras? Or that one outfit (during her time dating Aidan) where she had random braids in her hair and an old leather vest (of course with barely anything underneath)? How hippie chic. Ooh, I'm glad those days are over. Nevertheless, I am impressed with how Carrie's style has changed. She is a true icon, and so is Sarah Jessica Parker! Check out the outfit I created inspired by Miss Bradshaw.

Collage created by HLDFashion on Polyvore

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