Saturday, March 10, 2012

Silver Springs

Spring is all about bright colours and pastels, but I think it's fun to mix in a bit of silver in there as well. You can be happy to know that silver is (basically) considered a neutral - without the sheen it's basically grey! I was searching online and compiled a list of pictures, all incorporating silver, and one special picture (numero 2) with my favourite make up look for the Spring 2012 season - CLEAN! So fresh and so clean, clean.

1. Silver on the fingers, silver on the wrists. I love how silver jewelry looks stacked up against black & brown leather. Also, the chunkier, the better! Watches will help do the trick.
2. Clean make up! Light lips and cheeks paired with dewy skin. Ahh, if only the winter weather would stop wreaking havoc on my poor skin!
3. Hair cuffs. How genius is this? I remember when wrapping a strand of hair around your ponytail was so cool. I mean, it still is, but a hair cuff in silver takes it up a notch.
4. Geometric jewels gives an automatic dose of edge to your outfit. Sure, we've seen studs before (especially on denim. It's everyone's favourite DIY apparently), but I particularly like them on rings and necklaces.
5. An oversized envelope clutch + silver = accessory heaven.

Are you a silver or a gold girl?

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