Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Things & Sandals

Two of my favourite Spring things: fresh flowers & sandals. I can't wait to be able to throw on a pair of sandals without having my feet turn to ice cubes the moment I step out the door.

As always, here's some vain Instagram shots of myself. In the first picture I'm wearing a blue anorak. Really, guys, it's not a monkey wrenchin' mechanic suit, I swear! However, after the day I wore this I decided I don't like it anymore. Isn't that always how it works? In contrast, I do love my housecoat. That thing is never leaving my life. In fact, I caught Brandon napping on the couch under my housecoat. Um, I hope there's not going to be custody issues (clearly it's mine)!

And if anyone would like to donate to my Red Valentino cutest-sandals-on-the-planet-fund, I would be forever grateful to you. ;)

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