Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Shopping haul: pictures!

Grey cotton jacket with studs on it. This baby was only TEN DOLLARS (such a score!), and it is so warm! I was needing a fabric jacket, and I am glad I found one that was definitely budget friendly!

Jacket details (and sneak peeks at my messy bed)

Now, before yesterday, I had been dreaming about this purse and complaining that I hadn't bought it. Sure, I've received three purses this Christmas, plus a fourth I purchased for myself a week before the holidays, but I could not resist! Plus, the price is right, and apparently I'm into the stud details lately... Ah, maybe that's my "something edgy" (re: last post) for my wardrobe.

Quick! Can you spot the Betsey Johnson make up bag? Ha. I am a leopard print fiend - how ferocious! Again, I couldn't resist buying this, because it was marked down to a fantastic price, and although I don't exactly need a make up bag, the lay out of this one is so handy! My friend Lauren also got one in a pink and black Victorian style print. Twinsies!

I am off to print out some resumes. My work situation isn't exactly the greatest, seeing as I will only be working one day a week come January. I can't live off of that, especially with all the shopping...Err, I mean SAVING, that has to be done! I plan on checking out some cute little boutiques downtown Duncan and see what's there. My dad says I should waitress for the tips, but really, where is there to go that I haven't already applied at yet? Sheesh. I thought I was done with the whole job hunting shenanigans!

Have a wonderful day! I already have tomorrow's blog post swirling around in my head. However, I may have to post some other random pictures tonight.

Love, Holly :)

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