Monday, January 10, 2011

Date Night: Montana's

1. Snapping pictures of myself while I was getting ready to go out with Brandon tonight. We don't go out a lot, and by going out I mean dinners, movies, etc. However, last night we both agreed to go to Montana's. It's a log cabin styled restaurant that has such good food! I couldn't believe how full I was after!

2. WHAT THE -- Who is that girl in the mirror!? Thought it was funny!

3. This was my whole entire day. Reading magazines, blogs, and lounging on the couch. Yes, the pink sweatpants may or may not have made an appearance (yes, I'm addicted).

4. Jacket: Winners, Skinny jeans: Pashu (also from Winners), Floral shirt: CostaBlanca, Heels: XOXO patent mary jane pumps.

5. Outfit without the jacket (I don't think I was wearing shoes either).

6. I thought about wearing this glitzy shirt with my outfit, but I decided it was too dressy for Montana's, so I opted for the more casual T!

I know my pictures aren't in order, but that's exactly why I decided to do the list thing and explain things there.

Exciting news:

I applied at a restaurant called Odika on Saturday after work at the spa. Yesterday I had an interview, and today was my first day. Talk about things moving fast! I only worked for a couple hours, but I am back into the swing of things as far as waitressing goes! I am excited for my next shift on Saturday :) I will be working Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at Odika's, and Tuesday at the spa. I might also be working some evenings at the restaurant - weeooh, tips!

I'm hoping to go into Duncan tonight and find some more shirts for work. Surprisingly, I don't have very many basic black shirts (or cute ones, either, besides the one I'm wearing now). I also want to find a PINK (yes, must be pink) wireless mouse and a laptop case. Hopefully I'll have some company too!

Have a wonderful evening, lovelies!

Holly xoxo


  1. what kind of restaurant is Odika??
    is it near your house?

  2. it's a world cuisine kinda place. there's a little bit of everything! and it's across from bonnie martin's.