Thursday, April 14, 2011

Beauty Favourites

The other day I was thinking about beauty products. It's amazing how much we truly use in a day when you combine personal care products (tooth paste, deodorant, etc), beauty products & lotions and potions for our skin. Here are a few of my favourite things lately!

1. Honey Coconut Shampoo & Conditioner, Carrot Scrub - All by 100% Pure Cosmetics. While the shampoo is a tad bit runny, it has an amazing scent and makes your hair feel clean without any yucky residue. The condition is SUPER thick & my hair is ridiculously soft when it's dry. You know when you can't stop feelin' up your hair because of how great it feels/smells? Yeah, that's what these products do for my hair.

2. MAC Mineralized Blush & Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip Gloss: See below for the blush colour. It gives a nice sheen to the skin without being terribly noticeable (unless of course you really cake it on there). I love VS lip glosses because they make your lips look full and also condition as well. Unfortunately I tore the sticker off the back of this one, but it's a deep pink (almost plum) colour that goes on sheer and has a hint of sparkle. Note: it is a tad bit sticky, but it lasts a long time!

3. Warm Soul - blush colour

4. The Body Shop Pink Grapefruit Shower Gel & Satsuma Body Polish: The body polish is great for exfoliating before shaving, and the scent is amazing! I generally try to use this two to three times a week, just to keep things nice and smooth & to buff away any impurities. In addition, I've been into grapefruits lately - the fruit itself & anything with the scent. If you are looking for a shower gel that smells good, is reasonably priced & is gentle on the skin, I highly recommend TBS's shower gels!

Happy Thursday everyone! I am meeting with my friend Jenna soon & going out for lunch. Not too sure right now, but at least I'm showered (which wasn't the case when I offered to drive Brandon to work this morning... after going for a run & becoming a sweaty mess)!

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