Monday, May 2, 2011

Not-so Manic Monday

My mom spotted this while we were perusing the aisles of Winners and thought it was quite fitting considering what I eat. Funny - I had oatmeal just this morning! Gotta love it :)

I offered to buy my mama some Starbucks today. We had been sniffing out the fun flavours of coffee in Winners, and I suggested that we cruise on over to Starbucks - my treat! Grande chai tea latte and a venti non-fat sugar free vanilla iced coffee, easy on the ice (how smooth does that sound?)

We had been grocery shopping earlier & didn't exactly do so on a full belly, ergo the banana bread. We split a slice from Starbucks & also snacked on some fresh fruit that we bought earlier. Works for me!

As a thank you for my aunt, I bought her a Starbucks gift card. She paid for my registration for the run yesterday, ran alongside me & was great company. She deserves a caramel machiatto (or five!)

At an intersection: "Hey, take a picture of me and my cup!" Okay mom.

Stockin' up on some gum.

I know I said that I would post the watch that I bought yesterday, but every time I try to upload the picture it says, "server rejected." I'll get it up eventually - I know you're all holding your breaths until the moment it's revealed (ha, ha) - promise! All in all, my Monday was pretty good. I woke up a little too early for my liking (after thinking I had slept in - nope, 6:43 AM), curled up in bed & read Elle magazine, then watched Serendipity, browsed around on my laptop for a couple hours, ate some fruit before we went & ran some errands, then came home and went for a quick 5K run, voted, and I just devoured a big ol' salad! Phewf! Back to the grind tomorrow!

Hope you all had a great Monday!

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