Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Overdue Shopping Haul

Studs, chains & quilted details = my kind of purse, all wrapped into one.

 A gorgeous cherry blossom lantern; a gift from my mom via Party Lite. This will look wonderful either in a prim & proper bathroom, or a chic, modern bedroom/living space.

I can't get enough of these reusable tumblers. I drink a huge amount of water every day, and having a large glass around me at all times is incredibly convenient! The fact that they are pink and have six interchangeable straws is a bonus as well.

I found these wedges on a sale table outside of Sterling Shoes. The sale price was an additional 30% off as well... Well, how can I resist THAT deal!? Retailers sure make it hard for people to say no... Good thing I LOVE these!

Denim wedges by Payless Shoes & Marie Claire magazine. I am so thankful for gift shops on ferries. This magazine was purchased on the way home from my trip to Vancouver and helped the time go by quickly!

My mom bought me this handmade basket at a giant street market a couple weeks ago that took place in my home town. I had seen one previously but couldn't bring myself to buy it - luckily my mom knows me & my tastes, and she took it upon herself to purchase it for me. Thank you mama! Now I can successfully load it full of fruits & veggies!

Yummy smelling body washes & lotions. I bought the sweet pea body spray as well (unpictured). Body wash & lotion from Bath & Body Works.

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