Wednesday, August 31, 2011


1. Delicious yam fries
2. Equally (if not more) delicious oatmeal: cinnamon, vanilla, banana, fresh blueberries & a touch of coconut milk.
3 & 4. A gorgeous rosy pink polish.
5. Taking pictures in my car before work.
6. No, I don't enjoy brushing my hair.
7. Happy birthday to my dad (August 26th)!
8. The best parents in the world. I am truly blessed!
9. An indoor Bonsai tree! It was a gift from my team at work & I am so excited for it!
10. Quick bathroom snap shot (I knew you guys missed these) before heading for lunch + shopping with my friend Sheridan. Unpictured American Eagle skinny jeans, Joe Fresh navy blue tank, Smart Set striped cardigan & gifted scarf.

I apologize for not posting that often. My life has been consumed with working & trying to catch up with people and pack my things before I head off to Vancouver. When is that happening? This weekend. My last day of work is tomorrow & I'll have a few days off before I go to the big city. I am nervous, excited, hopeful and ready, all at the same time.

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