Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunny Sundays

1. I have been looking for a pair of boots like these, and although I have seen them in different variations, none of them really jump out at me enough to buy them. The moody black hues in this picture remind me of a rainy day. It's sunny here, but sometimes a rainy day brings out great fashion!

2. I LOVE this sweater. Slouchy enough for effortless style and comfort, and I could totally see myself wearing it with some leggings or dark skinny jeans in the colder weather (with a pair of killer shoes, obviously). Any leads as to where this is from?

3. I have also been looking for an oversized cardigan for quite a while. This reminds me of a blanket, kind of, and it looks so incredibly cozy! I like the feminine details added in this outfit as well - the lace slip with scalloped edges balances out the whole outfit. I must find one of these!

All pictures above are from!

I hope you all enjoy your Sunday! I have no plans right now, besides wanting to go for a walk and have some left over turkey dinner for lunch! I painted my nails earlier this morning as well (#26 Lovely Lilac by Sally Hansen), and perhaps I'll do my toes later. We'll see how the day progresses!

What are your plans for today? Anything exciting?

Talk to you soon!

Holly xo

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